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Post by PELEMENI » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:34 pm

Why? Explain! Why do some players get to hack and cheat and use aim bots. When I question why those people are not banned, you ban me! Why! Is it because I am Russian? Why? Because of my name? Why!!! I don not understand your methods of governing your server. If you do not like me because of who I am or my nationality, then tell me. We have already been through this once. I am sick and tired of you letting your friends fly and use whatever the hell they want and you know it. Then you call me an idiot when I point out the truth. When I ask for an explanation, you ban me. Why? I already do my best not to get into arguments. But this is simply outrageous. Do you keep this server for your friends or for the public? If you guys need funding, ASK! Kind of like moongamers does... . This has happened many times. I don't know if the admins changed? Or if you just don't care anymore about what happens in your server. I was banned a year ago for zook glitching. Why do people like dubstep get to glitch without punishment. And when I complain, I simply get put down or kicked or banned. If I am the one carrying the consequences of other players' actions, does that mean that your judgement is based on race? You need not to unban me. I simply ask for an explanation for why there is such prejudice on your server? If you really hate me for who I am, then hell. How can you even call yourself American? Isn't America all about freedom and justice. This is not the Cold War era. And if you still hate me, well I do not know what else to say. "I build peace, I love peace, but I know how to fight better, than anyone else" - (Русский к Оккупант).

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Post by JoeyBagaDonuts » Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:06 pm

Take a breath dude.
It's as simple as this; Don't come in the server running your mouth and making statements based on your opinion.
Do it here all you want.

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