Back from Win10 upgrade of DOOM!!!

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Back from Win10 upgrade of DOOM!!!

Post by Iro » Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:52 pm

I'm back!!!! w00t!!!
Yeah, upgrading from win8.1 to win10 has some issues, at least for me it did. Had to uninstall/ reinstall the game and the post gamespy launcher. Wish it didn't take so long but that 'work-thing' and other issues IRL got in the way, so took longer than I cared. Hopped on TS a few times while I tried different solutions but no one was around. Then I got drunk and figured it all out in 5 minutes, Who says alcohol is a problem when we all know upgrades , patches and hotfixes are the real issues in the world! Hope to see you all soon...PEWPEW!!!

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Re: Back from Win10 upgrade of DOOM!!!

Post by Bigfoot » Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:35 pm

I have been on Windows 10 since launch week and have had no issues. In fact, BF1942 has been more stable for me on Windows 10 than Windows 7 (knock on wood). My only issues were after I did the computer kept locking up so I reformatted my HD and did a fresh install of Windows 10. Has been great ever since!

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Re: Back from Win10 upgrade of DOOM!!!

Post by J-Mike » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:29 pm

I didn't have any issues with mine either on Win10. But, I just migrated my system to a new SSD (same system tho), no hiccups. But, I just reinstalled 1942 CD set. Couldn't run it. Set compatibility mode to XP SP3, and run as administrator. No good still. Then I ran the speed patch (which blanks out the intro videos, makes it run without CD), and that seemed to do the trick for me. Runs perfectly fine. I always run my game with the Origin version, but now that I tried the CD version on Win10 and encountered the same issues everyone else seems to encounter, I just thought I'd share my workaround for others to try. Get the speedpatch here ... _-wmxp.exe
**Caution - the speed patch messes up the game install for those who run the cracked download version of the game from the HKHP FTP server. It only works on the original CD install version. We've had others try it out and it screws it all up and has to be uninstalled and reinstalled to repair it. Also, when I reinstalled the Origin version on my new SSD and ran the speed patch to get rid of the intro videos, I found that it still did the patch to make it "No-CD", but since it wasn't a CD install to begin with, it screwed up that install as well. So if you use the Origin version of 1942, don't use the speed patch either.**

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