FHSW 0.6 Release: for the game Battlefield 1942!

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FHSW 0.6 Release: for the game Battlefield 1942!

Post by Kalimenko » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:55 am


"Battlefield 1" can go to pack Madness with its ad ware and DLC, because eleven man created FHSW 0.6 (noticed it please forgotten hope 0.7: Download installed) after 26 months of work and 135 maps a few minutes ago by the team from Japan released have been. Unfortunately not all maps from the Mappacks are and a few more were selected off. We miss the Australian map "Battle of Western Australia" and that for look up exciting map "on the moon in 1969" but it is quite possible that the after patch will be there again. This time, there's only a 3.9 GB file to download which unzip it after around 5 GB will be great. Prepared in hours of work the news, so that it is "ready to have been send". You can get here our battleleak.

FHSW 0.6: Download

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

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