F|H Battlefield 1918 #5 "Return of the Crusaders"

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F|H Battlefield 1918 #5 "Return of the Crusaders"

Post by buddydog » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:23 am


The Middle East, site of the dawn of antiquity. For half of a millennia, the Ottoman Empire has ruled the region as part of its Empire. Fearing a waning Empire, the sultanate chose to side with the Central Powers. For the first time in nearly a thousand years, a European power has come to wrestle control of the region away from the Ottomans. Rather than fighting a war between lancers and swordsmen, a modern warfare emerged across the desert featuring machine guns, armored vehicles, and aircraft. Graveyards of carnage will take place across the Middle East from the cliffs of Gallipoli, to the sands of Arabia, and the ancient cities of Bagdad, Damascus, and Jerusalem.

In this campaign, you will get the choice of serving as a British Commonwealth soldier, fighting against the Turks, or as a Ottoman warrior serving the interests of the sultanate.

Experience a balanced and exhilarating Battlefield 1918 campaign with:
  • A continuing legacy for Battlefield 1942
  • Organized tournament play featuring custom maps specifically modified for competitive tournament play.
  • World War 1 gameplay as it ought to be played on the Battlefield 1918 mod.
  • Grueling Saturday battles in combined arms ranging from battles on the high seas, amphibious landings, and battles of the harsh Arabian desert
  • 2 sides led by experienced veterans with teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and rewards for your achievements.
  • New friendships with like minded people from all over the world
  • It is free and everybody is welcome!
What is a campaign?
A campaign is a series of connected battles where we recreate the timeline of the war. Here at Forgotten Honor it also means teamplay and organized gameplay. Campaigns take about 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have one 4-hour battle. All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.

Every army has a training server to use during the week for scouting and practice, as well as their own Teamspeak channels and locked sub-forums (we call them barracks) for communication and entertainment. Everyone can participate in all weekly activities and events as much as they want!

About Forgotten Honor
Forgotten Honor is an international gaming community that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for games. Founded in 2004 by several players who wanted to organize ''teamwork'' emphasized battles for video games, Forgotten Honor has been growing until becoming one of the leaders in online events market. Nowadays hosts several tournaments and campaigns for different games, organizes multiple events, has its own modding development unit and is supported by an active community.

Sign up: http://www.forgottenhonor.com/forums/pa ... statistics

Posts: 11
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Re: F|H Battlefield 1918 #5 "Return of the Crusaders"

Post by buddydog » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:57 pm

We had as many as 55 players in our last skirmish (battle without score) at "Gaza Town".

This week we will have our first competitive battle on the map "Fao Landing".

Join us today!

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