HKHP Curse The Nerf PVP Rules and Configuration

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HKHP Curse The Nerf PVP Rules and Configuration

Post by Haktuspit » Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:27 pm

We have found from adminning in the past that a slim rule set is the most enforceable, fair and applicable to PVP combat servers. Below are the rules:

Server Rules

No Griefing
This includes picking on noobs on the beach repeatedly. You can fight other tribes but if you spend two days sniping a tribes tames this will not be allowed.

No Base Leveling without Cause
We have played on servers that had a no base leveling rule and found it to be fair, but there are cases where someone has a stone hut in the middle of a spot you want to build a castle. Therefore we are adding a cause clause where you must be looking to build in the spot that you are leveling a base. This does not apply to AFK tribes, ask us we'll clean it up!

Server Configuration
5x XP/Tame 4xGather 2x Egg Hatch/Maturation
Pre Nerfed Dino's via ini configuration!
Downloads Off
Admin Logging Enabled (There will be no admin abuse here, you will be able to see every command an admin uses.)
Map Player Location Enabled
Gamma Enabled
NightTimeSpeedScale = 2.0


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