Absurd Ban!

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Drunk Driver
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Absurd Ban!

Post by Drunk Driver » Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:07 am

I cap the flag in a hard fought game. Have had BASS and 88 haunting me so I jump in nearest jeep and do a circle looking in diff views for incoming planes that like to bomb the guy who just capped, right? Run over some mines that hawgus nutticus puts around flag pole. Drive off to try and cap flag again. Hawg starts typing that I ran over his mines and something about disruptive gameplay. I say sorry didn't see them. Trying to play. Keeps typing about how it looked like I did it on purpose. I'm typing back now not playing but dying. Hear something about disruptive and some crap about bans and say look man if i wanted to grief you youd know it stop crying. So go back to spawn. Hawg is laying mines. I'm driving around the flag nothing is there. Hawg comes and lays mines while I am driving so I drive thru the gap in them to the pole to park my jeep and BAM there is one on the pole I cant see. So I got out and blew up my jeep standing on it to get rid of it and kill meself and BOOM banned. I did not tk nor disrupt. I did not violate the letter nor the spirit of the rules, I merely upset an admin who I think wanted to prove a little point about authority. Bass even told him dont ban and 88 said to forget it guys but nope, even with others thinking it was trivial too, admin had to use that authority! You said I was a smart-ass. I think the logs will show otherwise. And the logs will show absolutely no vulgar language on my part and the fact that I apologized initially and was still hounded.

I have come here constantly this year and off and on for years. Not all of us pay up to be admins but without plenty of regulars this server would be empty. I see tons of antics; greifing, assists, no fog, constant stacking (which was going on rampantly just before i got the ban watch the log)random name changes and impersonations and all kinds of dumb stuff. We were in a close game I was trying to win and some lame stuff happens. Well after you got rid of me it was one less on your team and how did that help the game. I work a very physical job and this is my favorite thing to do when I am recovering. My wife and son even enjoy watching me play, the turbo jeeps in particular are extremely funny once u learn how to drive them right. That is why my name is "Drunk driver" because of the way it looks when I hotrod the turbo jeeps, careening off of objects and flying around.

I love this game and this server in my opinion keeps this game incredibly alive for me with the mods and the ELITE players it draws. I play hard and fast and die like a lemming. Most rounds I have a couple caps at least. I am too busy being a team player and going for the flag to be wasting my time griefing. I do not see how this ban serves any good purpose, it dont see the value of it as a deterrent for others behavior nor do I think it benefits the server to have one less regular logging in daily. All it serves to do is take the fun away from a man who works too hard and lost too much in the last decade. So if you feel that some little tiff over an ACCIDENT outweighs my words here and my deeds ingame, then its just another kick in the teeth for me. You made your point admin/whatever your main name is.

If I were to get a show of support from some players, It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Uncle Woody
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Re: Absurd Ban!

Post by Uncle Woody » Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:47 pm

DD, banning was not even mentioned till your comment "look man if i wanted to grief you youd know it stop crying". Also I was laying mines out right in front of you yet you still felt the need to drive right up to the pole and run them over again INTENTIONALLY. That's called being an Ass. And there were others playing who were complaining on TS about you doing this. This was not a power trip, it's just what happens when you disrupt gameplay for others.

As far as the ban, it was only a 24 hr and has already been lifted early, so you are more than welcome to come back in. Happy hunting my friend. :D - Woody

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